Cartersville Songwriter's Association


To help promote and develop the art of songwriting among songwriters of all ages and songwriting ability.


CSA Songwriters Showcase

Come hear original songs from the heart and soul of the creator.  Singer songwriters are encouraged to give a comment about the origin of the song: reason for writing the song, thoughts, feelings, rhyming scheme etc...  Songwriters of all ages and songwriting ability are welcomed to participate.  
CSA Showcase will consist of Open Mic Night, Writer's Night, or both.
Open Mic Night - Songwriters bring their songs, sign up on a list, and perform as time allows.
Writer's Night - Songwriters are scheduled ahead of time to perform.

CSA Songwriters Workshop

This workshop gives the Songwriter the opportunity to share thoughts about the art of songwriting, the songwriting business/industry, and have songs critiqued from other songwriters.    Workshops may have guest speakers, discuss topics from a book on songwriting,  critique original songs, and analyze cover songs.  All levels of songwriting ability is welcomed to participate.

CSA began September of 2003.