Download Music & Convert to MP3

This web page helps you through the maze of downloading music and converting it to an unprotected mp3 format so that you can play the song with your choice of software (WMP, ITunes, RealPlayer, etc...) and/or media device (computers, ipod, etc...) .  I believe in purchasing CDs & downloading music to support the song writers, artists and music industry.

Listening to Songs (may want to do this first).

Download Sites

Steps to Burn songs on a CD

Note:  I like to burn to a CD-RW and then rip back to a .mp3 format (128k).

Step 1: Get a Blank CD

Step 2: Burn songs to a blank CD.

Windows Media Player (WMP)

ITunes Player

Step 3:  Rip songs from a CD to MP3 (not encoded or protected)

Step 4:  Set the MP3 Properties

Step 5: You are Finished.  You may drag these .mp3's to your IPod etc...