Fantasy Cowboy in Tails

2005 Michael Thomas (08/24/05)

Verse 1
Let me dry your hair, then you get dressed.
Wear this black leather mini skirt and vest.
Put on this pair of blindfolds.
I'll get dressed, then we'll see how the night unfolds

Verse 2

Guess what I'm wearing, you can use your hands.
It's a black cowboy hat, no shirt, and a wedding band.
Tux with tails, bowtie and a cummerbund,
Chaps, boots, speedos where I'm packing a loaded gun.


I'm your fantasy ... cowboy in tails
Sweet sexy sugar bun,
Come get you some
Of this fantasy ... cowboy in tails

Verse 3
Saddle up this Stallion Stud and let's ride awhile
We'll explore the rolling range bare back style
Then you can stick me up, we'll make a wild west show
Then end the night with a romancing rodeo


Do you feel a slow burn, take the reigns it's your turn
Whoa speedy, honey hold on, You know I still got my boots on!

Whoa baby whoa, easy now,
Sorry folks, To be continued