Happy Birthday Baby

(C,*? 4/4 T100 R???(DR) 4:08 Range:?-L?-H?) 2005 Michael Thomas (06/17/05,v2-06/25/07)

Intro: (4 bars)
C F C                   G
    Happy Birthday Baby

Verse 1 (17 bars) Talk
C              F                       C        G
Come over here, you look more beautiful year by year
C          F            C          G
I'm holding a wild rose, so tonight anything goes
C               F              C                     G
You're sexy look it's not fair, it's more than I can bear
C                     F    C         G                C
Close those baby blue eyes, I have a special surprise.

Chorus: (17 bars) 0:50, 2:12, 3:14
F              .     Em             .
Happy Birthday Baby, Happy Birthday Baby
F                 G            C     .
- Let's start the night with a dance
F              .     Em             .
Happy Birthday Baby, Happy Birthday Baby
F              G     .      C                .
- Then end the night - with bedroom romance
Verse 2 (17 bars) Talk 1:31
C                     F       C                             G
Keep your eyes closed, relax,  I want to dress you in these clothes
C                      F                    C                 G
Na, It's not too short, just give me a wink, and show me more
C                       F                 C              G
Let's try something new, a Role play game, whatever I do, you do the same
C            F               C            G                        C
Don't laugh, I'll be dancer, sexy and hot, then you give it a shot.
Bridge: (9 bars) Talk 2:52
Am      Em                  Am                    Em
Awe baby, this fantasy night has been full of fun,
Am          Em              Am               Em            Am
Turn around, lose the shirt, wear nothing but, this diamond.
Tag: (4 bars)
G  .                   C  .
   Happy Birthday Baby
(Rhyme: V: C: B:)