Naughty Nights

2005 Michael Thomas (01/15/05)

Verse 1 
When you get home, how about another night with a naughty handsome hunk
I'll be wearing a G-string with pink ears and a long grey trunk
Elli the elephant and I will be waiting
The thought of you, is so intoxicating

Naughty Nights
Sexy Sights
I was steaming while I was dreaming
About those, naughty nights

Verse 2
The door bell rang, I was wearing nothing but straight nosed Elli.
A long Mink coat and high heels was all I could see. 
My heart was racing, as she danced her coat off and then ...
She was one willing wife in nothing but skin

When I touched her body she said, "You've got to be out of your head.
It's 3 am, your dreaming again, please go back to bed".

Wow, what a dream