Oh She's Fine

(Am,*A T150 R006 2:43 Range:?-L?-H?) 2003 Michael Thomas (09/08/03, v3 01/02/04)

Intro: (Am, Em, Am, Em)
Verse 1

    Am         Em           Am           Em
She gives me a smile, while strutting in style
     Dm     G            Dm       G
That second glance, Says I have a chance
         Am          Em
She's so alluring. (to Chorus)


C        G          C           G
Oh She's fine, That Baby, She's Mine
Am             Em          C            D
She's one of a kind, she's always on my mind 
         Am   Em-Am-Em (Ending Am)
Oh She's fine
(Last time to bridge)

Verse 2

    Am         Em           Am            Em
She gives me a squeeze, And then a little tease
Dm      G               Dm            G
She's a flirt, when she wears my undershirt
         Am        Em
She's so sensual. (to Chorus)

Verse 3

    Am        Em          Am           Em
She give me a wink, while modeling hot pink
Dm             G       Dm             G
My thoughts go crazy, about little Ms Daisy
         Am           Em
She's so passoniate. (to Chorus)

D               Am    D               Am
Oh ... she's my Lady, Oh ... she's my Baby
D               Am    C   G                  Am - Em
Oh ... she's so sexy, Oh ... she fulfills my fantasy