Spicy Mama

2003 Michael Thomas (Singer: Male)

Verse 1 
Red hot spicy mama, - Kids are gone, baby let's a
Stir up some tempting Jambalaya
I ain't thinkin' of food,- I'm in a lovin' mood,
I wanta cook up somethin' - exciting and new

Hey..ee, spicy mama, my chili pepper, are we gonna?
Hey..ee, spicy mama, passion's piping hot, do you wanna?

Verse 2
Your no but yes look - That flirtin' got me hooked
I'm game for a wild kiss from the cook
How about a little teasin' mama, and then a whole lot of pleasin'
I'm cravin' for some misbehavin'

I got a role of a hundred ones, how about a sexy lap dance.
Right here in our kitchen, let's heat up our romance.

Passion's piping hot, do you wanna?- Spicy mama.