Original Song List by Michael Thomas

Based on the title alone, check the titles that interest you enough to want to hear the song.
If you are listening to the songs live or on CD, then place a "*" (star) by the songs that could be a hit on radio (if professionally produced) or you wanted to hear the song again.
Check = Like the title.  Want to hear the song.
* = Heard the song and think it could be a hit (if professionally produced).

  Love Ballads
CD: Forever Love
  Songs about Life
CD: Lovin' Life
CD: Worship Him
1 Little Things 1 Spicy Mama 1 I'm Homeward Bound
2 What If We Had Never Met  2 Oh She's Fine 2 Worship Him
3 Friends fof Life 3 My Baby's Vain (Duet) 3 Praise Him, It's Time
4 Fall Asleep In Love 4 You Just Use Me and Amuse Me 4 Nothing's Between You and Me
5 I Remember Love 5 That's The Joy Of Being Married 5 Hallelu Lord We Worship You
6 Forever Love 6 Bubblin' Love 6 He That Dwelleth
7 I'd Marry You, All Over Again 7 Call Of The River 7 Oh Lord Of Host
8 Waltzing With You 8 Lovin' Life 8 I'll Open My Heart
9 Only You 9 Girlfriends with Granny Faces 9 Stay Afresh in You
10 No One Else Will Do 10 Love Bites 10 Just Wondering Why
11 You're The One For Me 11 Just Wondering Why 11 Prisoner to Your Love
12 Nothing's Between you and Me  12 I Remember Love 12 Let Him Have His Way
13 Through The Years 13 Yes I Care 13 Come Let Us Love One Another
14 Memories of Love 14 I Know A Song    
15 Let Me Hold You 15 I'm Homeward Bound    
16 I Want To Be That Man        
17 Twenty Years of Valentines