Perl Script using Net::SMTP

This page has examples of using Perl Scripts module Net::SMTP.  If your web sever has this module loaded you can download the source and play with the code.

Download Perl Source - Download a zip file with this HTML file and all of the Perl source code used on this web page.  Feel free to modify the code and change the programmers name to your name!  Enjoy Success and have fun!


Email a Form
(using Net::SMTP - Unix & Win NT compatible)

For your application, you may also want to add additional validation checking in the JavaScript of the form page or in the Perl script.  The only Perl validation checking function I've written is for the email address.  Currently, the only field I validate is the TO field which is the only maditory field that must be populated.


Your Name
Email - From
Email - To
Email - Cc
Email - Bc
Thank You Message