DB2 Survival Guild - Return Codes


Error Codes


0    Successful


Errors (Negative values)

-102  String constant is too long.
 -117  The number of values in the INSERT does not match the number of columns.
 -180  Bad data in Date/Time/Timestamp.
 -181  Bad data in Date/Time/Timestamp.
 -199  Illegal use of the specified keyword.

 -204  Object not defined to DB2.
 -205  Column name not in table.
 -206  Column does not exist in any table of the SELECT.
 -216  Not the same number of expressions on both sides of the comparison in a SELECT .
 -224  FETCH cannot make an INSENSITIVE cursor SENSITIVE.
 -229  The locale specified in a SET LOCALE statement was not found.

 -305  Null indicator needed.
 -311  Varchar, insert or update. -LEN field with the right data length not set.

 -482  The procedure returned no locators.

 -501  Cursor not open on FETCH.
 -502  Opening cursor that is already open.
 -503  Updating column needs to be specified.
 -530  Referential integrity preventing the INSERT/UPDATE
 -532  Referential integrity (DELETE RESTRICT rule) preventing the DELETE.
 -536  Referential integrity (DELETE RESTRICT rule) preventing the DELETE.
 -545  Check constraint preventing the INSERT/UPDATE.
 -551  Authorization failure

 -747  The table is not available.

 -803  Duplicate key on insert or update.
 -805  DBRM or package not found in plan.
 -811  More than one row retrieved in SELECT INTO.
 -818  Plan and program: timestamp mismatch.

 -904  Unavailable resource. Someone else is locking your data.
 -911  Deadlock or timeout. Rollback has been done.
 -913  Deadlock or timeout. No rollback.
 -922  Authorization needed.
 -927  The language interface was called but no connection had been made.


Warnings (Positive values)

+100  Row not found or end of cursor.
 +222  Trying to fetch a row within a DELETE statement.
 +223  Trying to fetch a row within an UPDATE statement.
 +231  FETCH after a BEFORE or AFTER but not on a valid row.
 +304  Value cannot be assigned to this host variable because it is out of range.
 +802  The null indicator was set to -2 as an arithmetic statement didn't work.