This web page gives examples of different properties used in creating Tables.   Their are "table" properties, "row" properties, "cell" properties.  With in a cell you may want to use "font" properties, etc...

Table Properties

(not completed)

Row Properties

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Topic Description
Headings & the <th> tag Example of use the tag <th> to create a "table header".  The cell is the automatically bolded.

  <th >Topic</th>
  <td>Table Header</td>
  <td>This is an example</td>


Cell Properties

<td> - Specifies properties of an individual cell.


Align - Horizontal Default Left Right Center Justify - this will left and right align.
Align - Verticle


Default Top Middle Baseline Bottom

Row span

Column span

Borders (IE features.  NS 4.6 and earlier does not work.)

Color, all sides Red
Light Border, Bottom & Right Red, Light
Dark Border, Top & Left Red, Dark

Background (IE features.  NS - Works with 4.6 but not available for some NS versions. )

Color Light Blue Dark Red Custom Colors
Pictures/Images Background patterns always repeat (are tiled).  This one has repeated 2 times in this column. This light bulb is inserted as a background image. Notice how the images are tiled.  Keep this in mind when using background images.  The images will repeat until the area is filed.

Background vs Image

Background vs Image

The first column using the .gif file as a background.  In the second column the .fig was inserted as an image.