VB Functions by Category

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Use VB's help to find help on how to use the function and it's arguments.   Click on Help, then "Microsoft Visual Basic Help Tools".  Next choose "Language Reference".  Next choose the corresponding book:   Function, Method, Statement.  (Note:  If the command is not a function, then I'll specify.  EX:  (statement) )

I hope this table will help those starting out in VB.

Function Category Function/Method/Statement
  • LTrim, RTrim, Trim - Trim off spaces from left, right or both.
  • Left, Right - returns the specified characters from the left or right of a string.
  • Mid - returns a specified # of characters in a string from a specified starting point.
  • LCase, UCase - Upper or Lower case.
  • StrConv - Convert to upper, lower, etc...
  • String - replicate/repeat a string a specified number of times.
  • InStr - returns the position of a string with a string.
  • StrComp - Compares 2 strings
  • Dir[(pathname[, attributes])] - returns a string of the matching file/directory specified.  Returns "" is not found.
  • FileCopy [from] [to] - (statement) Copies a file.
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